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Terms and Conditions

Cancellations and changes will not be accepted, and refunds will not be given. A purported or attempted cancellation will result in the entire amount being due, and being charged to your card immediately. We suggest you buy trip insurance.

Your credit card will be charged when you make this reservation, and the name on your credit card statement will be USA Park Tours.

Please ensure you have with you the credit card you used to make this booking when you are on tour, as we will need to take an imprint of it. The card should be in your name. If those are, for any reason, not possible, please let us know immediately, as our credit card authorization documentation will need to be completed.

Please wait to receive a confirmation email from us before making any plans that are dependent on this tour.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at our discretion.   

This itinerary and its details may change without notice. We are not responsible for the consequences of any delays, and all times are approximate.

We are not responsible if road closures, traffic, bad weather or other factors beyond our control result in parts of the tour not being operated. Should this occur, our only liability will be the cost of the part of the tour that is missed.

Portions of tours may be subcontracted to other reputable suppliers. Service may not be available on certain dates and times, and minimums may apply.

If your tour has an air leg, and you bring checked luggage with you, there will be a checked luggage fee which you will need to pay.

If the tour or service you ordered has an air leg, we will ask you to send us a photo or copy of the credit card you used, as well as your government issued photo ID. If you would rather not send us these documents, you can pay by bank wire/transfer or Paypal. The reason these documents are needed is to cut down on Internet fraud. We have to pay the flight operator for your flights, and once we have paid this, it is non-refundable to us. We have to ensure that the credit card belongs to the person who says that it is hers/his, so that we do not lose the amount we have to pay the flight operator.

If the tour or service does have an air component and you leave it late to book, or if you book for a really busy time, the price may go up as a result of higher flight prices. If applicable, you will always be advised of this beforehand, and asked if you want to proceed. The same applies with hotel pricing.

Full details for all tours, and services are detailed on the page for that type of tour.  Please also refer to the page from which you ordered for additional conditions that may be relevant to that tour or service. Links to the tours can be seen below.