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Shortest Yellowstone Tour Of The Entire Park From Los Angeles

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$1223.00/person for 7 to 14 people; $1295.00/person for 4 to 6 people; $1442.00/person for 3 people; and $1603.00/person for 2 people.
$2650.00 single guest

The highlight of this tour is that when you get to Yellowstone, you can see the entire park in just one day, instead of the regular two! You can leave LA as late as 6 pm the first evening, and still be in Yellowstone for the first part of your tour the next morning!

The tour starts at the Los Angeles airport, from where you will fly to Salt Lake City. After landing in Salt Lake, you will hop onto an unescorted shuttle, with several stops along the way, to a small city in east Idaho, where you will spend the night. Unescorted means that there is only a shuttle driver with you, and not a tour guide.

On day two you will be picked up from your hotel just after 6 am, and be driven for approximately 1.5 hours across scenic rural Idaho, through the Targhee National Forest, over the Continental Divide and into Montana and West Yellowstone.

Once you get to West Yellowstone, you’ll find that this is the only Yellowstone tour which shows you all of Yellowstone in just one day! Tours of Yellowstone are normally divided into a tour of Yellowstone’s lower loop on one day, and a tour of Yellowstone’s upper loop on a second day. We’ve worked things out so that you can see both loops on one tour, in just one day!

Almost as soon as you arrive in West Yellowstone, you will get into your tour vehicle and enter Yellowstone at the west entrance. We’ll make our way through the Madison Valley, where, depending on the time of the year, there is often wildlife to be seen. We’ll tour the lower loop first, taking in the three main geyser basins, the Lower Geyser Basin, the Midway Geyser Basin and the Upper Geyser Basin, where Old Faithful is.  Depending on how long we have to wait for Old Faithful to erupt, we may be able to take in one or more of the smaller basins as well.

From Old Faithful, we’ll cross over the Continental Divide a couple of times, on our way to West Thumb, a beautiful geyser basin, on the shores of Yellowstone Lake.  We’ll follow the lake past Fishing Bridge and into the Hayden Valley, one of the prime locations to see wildlife in Yellowstone.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is just up the road, and we’ll visit some of the prime viewing locations of both the Upper and Lower Falls.  Continuing north we’ll travel over Dunraven Pass and down the other side to Tower Falls, and then Tower Junction, passing some prime grizzly bear terrain on the way.

The Lamar Valley is off to the east now, another part of Yellowstone that is known for its wildlife. It is off the main loop road, however, and whether we go there or not will depend on how long it has taken us to get to this point.

We’ll continue on to Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone’s headquarters, and home to an elk herd. At Mammoth you’ll be able to wander around the continually growing travertine terraces.

Going past Roaring Mountain, we’ll continue on to Norris Geyser Basin, which actually consists of two geyser basins, Porcelain Basin and Back Basin, which we’ll take a look at.  From Norris we’ll pass again through the Madison Valley, on our way to West Yellowstone.

At about 6 pm you will be picked up to be taken to your hotel in east Idaho.

The next morning you will catch the shuttle back to Salt Lake City. It will pick you up at your hotel, make several stops along the way, and drop you off either at a central downtown location near Temple Square or at the Salt Lake City Airport, where the tour ends. We can get you a flight back to Los Angeles instead, at an additional cost. Please let us know which of the below departure times to book for you, in the comments area.

Depart 2.05 a.m. Arrive 6.45 a.m.
Depart 3.35 a.m. Arrive 8.15 a.m. (Only Monday through Friday)
Depart 5.05 a.m. Arrive 9.45 a.m.
Depart 7.05 a.m. Arrive 11.40 a.m.
Depart 9.05 a.m. Arrive 1.40 p.m.
Depart 11.05 a.m. Arrive 4 p.m.

Take a virtual Yellowstone tour!
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Tour Notes

We regret that cancellations and changes will not be accepted, and refunds will not be given. The entire amount may be charged to your card when you make the booking. 

The credit/debit card you used must be with you when you travel, and should be in your name. If you are booking for someone else, please let us know as you will need to complete the credit card authorization documentation, which we will send you. 

This tour starts at the Los Angeles airport, and ends at the Salt Lake City airport and a central downtown location. We can get you a flight back to Vegas instead, at an additional charge.

This tour has a five person minimum. If there are fewer than five in your group, you can pay a surcharge, and take a tour just for your group!

This is a small group tour. 

Two nights’ lodging are included at the Rexburg Americinn, or similar. 

Times are approximate. The itinerary may change without notice, and we cannot be responsible for the consequences of delays.  At the beginning and end, of the season, road closures and weather conditions may prevent this tour being run as detailed. General road maintenance in the park may affect the way this tour operates.

Please do not make any plans that depend on this tour, until you receive our confirmation email.

The entrance fee to Yellowstone is not included.

One sack lunch and two hotel breakfasts are the only meals included.

If you leave it too late to book, this tour may cost more as a result of higher flight prices. We will always advise you beforehand, and see if you still want to continue. 

There may be a checked luggage fee on the flight, which you will need to pay.